It is said that humans are originally from the Lyra constellation. They lived there in peace & harmony until they were discovered by the Reptilians. The Reptilians wanted the natural resources of the planet, but the humans did not agree, so they attacked Lyra and massacred 20 million humans there. Some were able to escape onboard spaceships provided by other friendly civilizations.

During a past life regression session, the client went back in time to when she was a young boy living in Lyra when the Reptilians attacked. He was able to survive by running away and hiding in the forest. A group of Reptilians found him and almost killed Him. He was badly injured.

This was a very interesting session because for the first time we have a first-hand eyewitness account of the origin of humans and their genocide by the Reptilians.
I hope you enjoy this video!

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I hope you enjoy this video!

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