About Removing Attached Spirits and Demonic Entities

Attached spirits and demonic entities are similar to viruses and parasites that exist in our environment, except that they do not have a physical form, i.e., they are made from energy. They attach and latch on to the human body when a person is physically or mentally weak, has a low vibration (e.g., fear, anger, etc.), suffers a trauma, undergoes hospitalization, or consumes alcohol or drugs. A person may also inherit an attached entity or become infected with one through physical or sexual contact with an infected person.

Once an entity attaches to a person, because of the control it has over the host, ranging from very slight to near total, over the host’s thoughts and actions, it drains personal energy, impacts their health, and drives some to do terrible things to others, actions universally known as evil. It is said that 75% of humans have some form of entity attachment (Fiore, The Unquiet Dead, 1987). In my experience, the number is closer to 90%. In my clients’ lives, the removal of possessing spirits and demons greatly reduces fear and stress and increases their energy and sense of well-being.

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) is the most powerful and effective technique for removing attached entities and strengthening the energy body to prevent future invasions. I use a combination of SCHH, QHHT, and several other techniques to deliver the most comprehensive result for my clients.

Entity Attachment Checklist

The following test was developed by Dr. Edith Fiore to help you determine whether you have entity attachments. An overall score of 10 or more suggests possession. A score of 2 on items 2, 3, 4, or 11 strongly suggests possession.


Other signs of entity attachment include

    • Anything out of the ordinary
    • Deaths, visitations, recurring deaths in dreams
    • Mentioning of seeing or feeling apparitions
    • Physical exhaustion and low energy level
    • Character shifts and mood swings
    • Uncontrolled anger and not remembering anything after becoming angry or drunk
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Violent behavior and short temper
    • Compulsive behavior
    • Sensing that a departed loved one is with you and influencing you
    • Aversion to religious symbols or objects. Strong reactions such as fear, anger, or discomfort when exposed to religious symbols, objects, or practices
    • Persistent nightmares
    • Engaging in self-harming behaviors, like cutting or burning oneself, without showing signs of pain or distress
    • Feeling of overpowering evil
    • Attacks in your dreams. Sexual dreams, eating in the dream, seeing death, or having a dead relative visit
    • Inability to tame your tongue
    • Sexual perversion
    • Involvement in the occult
    • Feelings of shame or guilt
    • Personal or family problems that don’t respond to therapy


Below is a partial list of the entities we remove:

    • Possessing or Earthbound Spirits – Are those invisible or discarnate human souls or soul fragments that have remained on earth following the death of the physical body, rather than ascending to the light, to heaven. To feel alive, and not lost and lonely, they attach to people (or to places) in order to get what they want using the body of the host. Once they attach, they overlay their feeling and emotions onto the host. The host often doesn’t realize that these feelings, thoughts, and emotions are not his or hers.
    • Demons or Dark force entities – Are invisible, discarnate, non-human beings in league with the forces of darkness. They syphon off the host’s energy, cause pain, illness, fear and chaos in the lives of people they possess. 
    • Negative ET’s – The most common negative ET’s are Reptilians (also known as Archons) and Grays. They are extremely evil and vicious, and they hate humans. They start by attaching and influencing the host and they eventually possess the host entirely. They are extremely intelligent and organized.
    • Implants – Can be physical or energetic. They are placed in strategic places in the body for nefarious purposes.
    • A.I. – Has become very common. Their purpose is always nefarious. They can be physical or energetic. We remove both kinds.  
    • Curses and Black Magic – Are very common. These are placed in the host’s body by another human being. Examples are curses to create physical pain, prevent pregnancy, prevent success in business, etc. There are black magicians who do this type of service for a few hundred dollars. 
    • Soul Retrieval – Fragments of the soul/personality separate as a result of severe trauma such as physical and sexual assault, humiliation, war, torture, parental abuse, etc. Retrieving soul fragments results in increased well-being, energy, presence, etc.

Once we remove all the attached entities, we perform the following healing on your energetic body:

    1. Heal all the areas where entities used to reside before being removed
    2. Heal and align your chakras
    3. Heal and align energy meridians
    4. Repair and reseal your aura to prevent invasion by entities
    5. Place an additional layer of protection over your aura for further protection against invasion by entities
    6. Provide you with a complete set of instructions to sustain the healing after the session

The procedure is completely painless; you will not even know it is being performed. The attached entities are removed in a very compassionate and humane manner. The entities are gently and lovingly rescued by archangels and sent to the light. There is absolutely no forceful exorcism involved in the process; this is completely unnecessary. 

Removing attached entities is performed by Robin Rais. He is a highly experienced hypnosis healing practitioner with a Diploma from UK College of Holistic Training specializing in Spirit Attachment and Release. Robin also holds a certificate in Spirit Releasement from HCH Institute and a master’s degree from Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) is the most powerful and effective technique available for removing attached entities and spirits. In addition to removing entities and attached spirits, SCHH includes healing of the energetic and physical body, past life regression, speaking with deceased loved ones, answering life’s questions, and more. I use a combination of SCHH, QHHT, and several other techniques to perform a highly effective session for my clients. For details, please click here.

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“Attached spirits and demonic entities are similar to viruses and parasites that exist in our environment, except that they do not have a physical form”