Can I Speak with my Departed Loved Ones?

Speaking with departed loved ones can be a life-changing healing experience. The realization that your departed loved ones are still alive and well can put an end to your feeling guilty, sorry, and lonely. It can lift a heavy burden from your back and enable you to continue your life knowing that they are still with you, they love you, and they are perfectly fine!

Eighty percent of people believe in life after death. In the United States, this number is closer to 25%. Believing in life after death or past lives is not a requirement for having a successful QHHT session. The only requirement is that you fully trust and resonate with your practitioner.

While our physical bodies expire, our souls live forever. The soul leaves the body upon death (which, by the way, is a very pleasant and peaceful experience) and goes back to the spirit world, which is its permanent home. The spirit world is an amazingly beautiful place where there is no violence, disease, poverty, limitation, war, etc. I once asked my late father how life was on the other side. He replied, “Amazing!” 

Your Higher Self (also known as your subconscious, oversoul, etc.) resides in the spirit world – the same place where your departed loved ones live. During the QHHT session, once we establish direct communication with your Higher Self, we can then request to speak with others who are in the spirit world, and they almost always show up within five seconds! You can then have a clear and open conversation with them and speak to them about anything you want. These conversations are always fascinating and educational. You can watch videos of some of my actual sessions where clients speak with their departed loved ones on my video blog.

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“Speaking with departed loved ones can be extremely healing.”