Robin Rais QHHT®, BQH® Specialist Reviews

Robin is a highly skilled Hypnotherapist! I recommend Robin if you are curious about exploring past lives and especially if you are looking to heal trauma, physical pain or disease. He is very trustworthy and compassionate healer with much experience yielding great results!

Linda C.

Robin truly exceeded my expectations during our session. Once again, he demonstrated his exceptional ability to guide lost entities back to the light. His expertise and compassionate approach made the entire experience truly enlightening. I highly recommend Robin’s services to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and support.

Thank you for an incredible session!

Bhagavaan Ka Pyaar

When I went to do the QHHT session with Robin, I was anxious and excited at the same time since it was my first time doing it. I tell You it was unbelievable, I felt the session lasted for half an hour but in fact, the hypnosis lasted for several hours, and it was extraordinary to see myself in other lives and get the necessary healing.

Robin took the time to know me before the hypnosis and he was so patient to listen to all my concerns, problems, and my questions. With him, it was a judgment-free zone, a comfort zone, and a trust zone. I can’t recommend him enough.

Thank you, Robin, for everything.


This session incudes a one-hour conversation with Jesus Christ. Click here to listen to recording of this session.

I want to thank Robin Rais. Before our session we did not know one another. He sat and listened to me pour my heart & pain out during the interview with no judgement. He did a great job questioning my SC with great questions before he even got to my own. My session was a great way for me to finish up a healing process that I was going through and I couldn’t have a better practitioner. He is my good friend now. If you are interested in a QHHT Practitioner look no further. Thanks Robin ❤️


This session contains a 100-minute conversation with God. Click here to listen to the recording of the session.

My session with Robin changed my life. This QHHT session cleared me of negative blockages and entities that had made my mental health uncontrollable. Robin’s work also helped heal my chronic hip pain in real time, which I couldn’t believe and can’t express enough gratitude for. The whole experience was magical and has opened up a whole new life for me. Thank you, Robin!
So yes, thank you Robin! I have been feeling so much lighter since our session and I really look forward to implementing all of my learnings. Also, when I returned home after our session, my boyfriend said that while I was away, he felt this euphoric pain relief in his back! That’s all you! Thank you so much.
One month later:
I’ve been running for the first time again! My body is feeling so much better 🙂
My digestive system is working 10 times better too. It’s awesome.
I did re-listen to the session a couple times, and it was very helpful. I so appreciate all you’ve done for me!

Thank you, thank you!


You can watch the recording of this session by clicking here

To write about my experience with Robin could be turned into a novel but, I’ll keep it as brief as possible. When I met Robin, I was in the process of drastically changing my life. So, it was a perfect time for me to do a session to see if I was on the right track. I’ve been through a great deal in my life over the past decade plus which left me with severe anxiety/depression. Sometimes, it was crippling. Because of my session, I’ve been able to look at life through a new lens and feel much more confident about my future. It was very interesting in that when I went to my past lives (3), I was that person. I felt everything they were feeling. I never believed in life after death but now, I’m not so sure. The session really changed my life in many positive ways. None of which I was expecting. I can’t recommend Robin enough.


You can listen to the recording of this session by clicking here.

A wonderfully kind, supportive and caring practitioner. Robin truly cares and is invested in the process and helping you thrive, get answers and heal during QHHT.


You can listen to the recording of this session by clicking here.

I was very impressed with Robin from the beginning, his communication was excellent! The preparation given before the session was very informative. The day of my session was amazing, he really takes his time getting to know you and what your goals are for the session. Robin dedicated his day to my session, no clocks or keeping tabs on time. He made every effort to explain the process and what will happen once the session begins.

Robin was very compassionate, intuitive and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and plan to go back for another in 6 months.

Lisa Swies

I wanted to say that I appreciate you. What you have done for me was very special. I’m feeling like I’m in a different state of mind now, I’m calmer, and balanced, waking up feeling happy, doing house chores with love everything flows around me perfectly. I’m able to meditate. I think I found my happy place in my meditation today.

Ms. N.

I never had a QHHT session before. So before booking, I didn’t know what to expect. When I booked my session with Robin, I had a feeling that I’ll be well taken care of. Sure enough, Robin contacted me right away and made me get ready for my session. He asked me to write down my questions and send them to him. This led me to collect my thoughts and write them down. I felt like healing started already by doing this. I communicated with Robin a few times before my session so when I went to my session it felt like I’m there to talk with my long-time friend. He was there for me genuinely. I was able to share everything and express my feelings about them. He listened to me for a long time, there was no rush. My session was much longer than I thought it would be and I was very happy knowing that he invested his time for me.
I think it’s so much better than having weekly or monthly therapy for a limited time frame. I feel more balanced, calm, positive, and connected with everyone and everything. Some fantastic little changes happened/happening immediately after my session.


Your Higher Self Highly Recommends this for you! No really, I can’t tell you how many people I have encouraged to try this type of healing. I have paid tens of thousands of dollars in the last couple years trying to get to place where I felt peace, happiness, understanding, forgiveness and it wasn’t until my session with Robin was that accomplished. If you are thinking about it, don’t hesitate. If you are uncertain, let it surprise you. Like I said, I have encouraged so many people, people whom I know have struggled like me. And I get the same response. And I look at them and think, why are you keeping yourself there. Why do you want to continue in this misery, pain, loneliness. And the answer is, they feel they deserve it, they feel dealing with it makes them suffer more. I promise you, you don’t deserve it. Call Robin! Heal!


This was a very powerful session, there was a lot of healing! Robin was very thorough in preparing me before the session, and post-session: what to expect and what steps I needed to take myself to get the most out of the session. The recording he provides is great, and very useful. It was a 3h hypnosis session, and we accomplished a lot!! I’ve had a lot of hypnotherapy and quite a few past-life regressions in the past, qhht is by far more effective and more powerful! A lot of accumulated subconscious and cellular memories were cleared. Healing continues for at least 3 days post-session, be prepared for it, it’s like a serious purge, your whole system will feel it. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to make lasting changes, get clarity, and connect with their Higher Self. One session does a LOT!! And Robin is amazing, would absolutely work with him again when I’m looking for answers.

E Mo

What an amazing experience! I felt in such good hands, Robin’s approach is potent, caring and to the point. Questions I had been asking for months were answered in the breeziest way. If you work with him, get ready for big realizations!!! Thank you Robin, 🌸 Sugii


Robin guided a Past Life Regression session with me on May 13, 2023. He was kind, gentle, and genuine, and thorough. He took his time getting to know me, explained the process before we started, and then led me through a beautifully deep experience. I got exactly what I needed from the session and will be booking another with him in the future. Thank you for everything Robin!


I had asked for a healing of the osteoporosis in my left hip and lower back. The mobility in my hip and lower back has improved considerably and I have virtually no discomfort. The second result was the euphoria I felt for at least three days after the session. I felt as if I was enamored with the world, kind of walking around in a love cloud. Furthermore, I talk to my Higher Self every night just before sleep, and sometimes use the induction process mentally just to open the channels and feel more connected.


Robin genuinely cared about my experience and me getting the most out of it by asking many thoughtful and deep questions in advance to better understand me, my life and what I wanted to get out of the session.  He was very professional, kind and gentle during the process.  I felt very comfortable with him and the whole session.   During my session I was shown a life that reminded me of a powerful I am so that I can better connect and embrace who I truly am.  During this whole process there was plenty of support.  He is a good soul and human to work with.  I definitely recommend Robin!


Robin is patient, knowledgeable, has a kind presence, is personable and I felt very comfortable doing the session with him.
He takes his time and follows through with asking questions to go deeper to glean information. 
I didn’t have too many expectations from my first session, I was curious, and am very grateful that Robin provided the space, his time and care into this journey we went together on.
Thanks again!!


Robin was extremely kind and gentle in his approach. We worked together for hours as he prepared me for the session, made sure to try to get all my questions answered, then took time after the session to explain to me what came through and how the next few days will be like for me. It was a pleasure to work with Robin and look forward to staying in touch. Thank you 🤍


I HIGHLY recommend Robin! This was the first time I’ve ever experienced QHHT and Robin was absolutely wonderful. He was warm, welcoming, and I felt very comfortable the entire time. My experience was fantastic and I felt a strong energy healing and a lot of closure from past trauma and negative experiences in life. I honestly woke up the next day feeling refreshed and with a sense of renewed energy. Robin was great and I can’t say enough great things about him! Thank you so much Robin!!


I had my session with Robin a few days ago. It was a great experience, since I am going through a stressful moment in my life. I was worried, that I was not going to be able to relax all the way. But on the contrary, he guided me into a very peaceful, relaxed, and wonderful place. I was able to channel and everything, it was awesome! Lots of information was accessed. It was very intense in a good way, as the information and concepts were coming in waves. Robin guided me all the time and asked the right questions, all worked just perfect! And had a very long deep sleep after we finished, that was a plus. Thank you, Robin, for your time and dedication!


I highly recommend Robin for QHHT. I have had two QHHT sessions with Robin that were life changing. Robin clearly explained the process and thoroughly prepared me for the sessions. I felt comfortable and relaxed due to Robin’s calm and pleasant demeanor. Both sessions have made me realize how strong I am as an individual and put my fears about my future at ease. Learning about my past lives and the advice from my higher self gave me the confidence and strength to overcome the current obstacles in my life. I was amazed at how transformative QHHT can be especially when done with such a compassionate practitioner like Robin.


You really get to travel back in time, no passport or luggage needed. It was a pleasure getting my QHHT session done by Robin. He allowed me to feel comfortable the entire time. My session took about four hours total. He explained details about the session and at every point I felt like I knew what was going on. During the hypnosis part, I got to see a past life of mine got to take a peek into something super unexpected. I was a Japanese ninja, and my sword was my best friend. I was very alone, but not lonely. It was such a cool thing to see because I know nothing about ninjas in this life. Seeing myself handle that sword was aaaahhh-mazing! I was truly amazed at how that all tied in together. I woke up from the hypnosis and began having a different attitude towards problems. It would’ve taken me so many therapy sessions and thousands of dollars to obtain a gem like this from therapy. QHHT allows you to connect with something bigger and wiser than you and it’s so much easier to feel healing from a source that’s all-loving. Thank you so much Robin for facilitating this amazing session and making it so comfortable and effortless. Keep doing what you’re doing!


I had an amazing and transformational session with Robin. He helped me to connect to my higher aspects and receive healing energy. I felt like a new person after the session.


The moment I entered my first session with Robin I felt a positive energy from him. Within the first hour I began to feel like I’ve known him for many years. I felt a connection with his wisdom, and his experiences and knowledge he shared with me. The sessions flew by so quickly; I couldn’t believe how much time we had spent together. He’s very diligent and patient; I never felt rushed. His level of hospitality also stood out to me. I’m thankful for our sessions and look forward to more conversations with Robin.


Robin is compassionate and wise. He holds space with love and curiosity. His calm presence puts one at ease immediately. When in his care I felt it easy to access my subconscious mind because my conscious mind trusted him implicitly. It was phenomenal to experience the lives I witnessed in session with Robin and how he guided me to the necessary information to help me on my present journey of life.

Deeply grateful. Thank you, Robin.


I have had two QHHT sessions with Robin; both were amazing. I was able to receive answers to my life questions and go to two previous past lives. I received amazing healing in my knees during the session; I could literally feel my knees being worked on. After the session, I felt totally renewed and filled with life energy. He was even able to improve my OCD symptoms. I highly recommend Robin for anyone who is searching for healing or life clarity.


QHHT session with Robin was mind blowing! I was very anxious as I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks but when I saw Robin and we started to speak I calmed down and opened up, which doesn’t normally happen. I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to go under and get the info, but I did get all my questions answered and Robin guided me so professionally whenever I’d get stuck, so I still got the information. It was an absolutely beautiful and life-changing experience! I honestly want more! Thank you for what you do, Robin! Much love and light!


Robin did a great job guiding me into a deep state of trance. We were able to visit many important places in the past where I found important information that now I can apply in many different areas of my life. One thing that I have been struggling with for a long time was vaping nicotine. That is no longer part of my life. Right after the session my urges for smoking were completely gone and since then I haven’t vaped again! Thank you so much Robin!


I had a wonderful QHHT session with Robin. From the moment the session began, I felt completely safe and comfortable in his presence. I was able to truly open up about my life, and I knew that I could trust him with everything I was telling him. Robin took plenty of time getting to know me, and I felt that I was fully understood in all of the questions I wanted to ask, as a result, when we moved into the actual hypnosis portion of the session, I felt safe enough to allow myself to fully drop into the experience. I saw some very extraordinary things and learned important lessons about myself that directly tied to the questions I had asked. Robin was very patient and thoughtful in how he guided the session, and again – I felt very taken care of. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone looking for a QHHT session!


QHHT made a difference. I’ve been smoking a lot less and my blood test yesterday FSH hormone dropped significantly to a much much much better number.

Ms. P.

My back pain has healed nicely. I’ve been going to the gym regularly and I haven’t had issues. Same with my jaw and eyes. No major issues!!


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“Your Subconscious has the ability to identify any physical or emotional problems it detects and explain the causes. The Subconscious is then asked if it is appropriate for healing to occur.”