This is the recording of a hypnosis healing session with a female client who was a very powerful Syrian star seed. When she was a young girl, The United Nations implanted three demonic entities in her body. They did not activate these entities until later in life when she had an awakening and realized that she was a star seed who came to earth to help the people and the planet. The entities were trying to keep her from speaking. These three entities in her body were so powerful that it took three ascended masters to remove them (Jesus, Babaji, and Kuan Yin). They had to push and pull them several times and then yank them out.

The client had three dogs who were aggressive and fearful. We determined that the dogs also had Reptilian entities attached to them. They were trying to get to the client through her dogs. We removed the reptilians from the dogs. The dogs also had Reptilian eggs in them. We removed the eggs as well to prevent the Reptilians from ever coming back.

The reptilians had also built a portal in client’s house so that they were able to freely come and go as they pleased. We went through the portal and all the way down to their underground nests and pulled them all out using a very powerful energy vortex (similar to a tornado). As they were being pulled out, they tried to attach themselves to client’s boyfriend who was home at the time. We put protection around him and did not let him get infected.

The client also received a tremendous amount of healing all over her body, including a regenerated pancreas, liver, and stomach.

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