This video is the recording of a QHHT Past Life Regression and Hypnosis Healing session with a very educated and articulate gay client. He used to be a successful musician and businessman who was very much in love with his partner. A few years ago, his partner betrayed and broke up with him. This had a very profound effect on the client. His business went down, and he has been chronically depressed ever since as the result. During the regression, he found out that he was with the same partner in a past life. In that life, his partner was madly in love with him. The client broke up with his partner, which was very painful for his partner. The client went through the opposite scenario in this life with the same partner in order to pay back the karma he had created in that past life.

In another past life, the client was a young man living in Morocco a long time ago. He left his hometown and family because he was gay in that life. In the third past life, he was a young and handsome heterosexual man and one of the wealthiest men in Russia’s 18th century. He was a playboy and loved women.

The client received an enormous amount of healing during the session. So much healing that he had to rest for three days after the session. He reported that the session completely changed his whole life. He now feels very positive and centered, and he is now totally focused on making music.

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