Why am I suffering from Depression, Pain or Illness?

The human body is designed to be perfectly healthy and happy. When you experience pain or distress, it is an indication that something is out of balance. While western medicine is excellent at diagnosing and treating symptoms, it sometimes fails to address the root cause of illness. For example, a doctor may diagnose cancer and recommend chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells. However, the root cause of the cancer may be a long-suppressed anger because of a past event. Being able to understand the root cause and release it may actually result in the cancer going away. Another example may be someone who is incapable of love others because he or she did not receive any love when growing up. In this case, understanding the root cause and learning to love yourself may open your heart and enable you to love and be kind to others and yourself.

There is a part of you that has all the answers you are looking for. We call this your Higher Self. Some call it your subconscious, soul, etc. It is always speaking with you and trying to guide and help you. Your Higher Self knows you better than you know yourself. It knows what you need to do to be healthy and happy.

During the QHHT session, I induce you into a very deep state of relaxation (hypnosis). Once you are in this beautiful state of relaxation, we are then able to speak directly with your Higher Self and ask it the reasons for your illness. Your Higher Self can then answer all your questions and tell you the cause of your discomforts. In many cases, simply understanding this will lead to the issue being relieved. Your higher self can do miracles with your illness. May of my clients have experienced life-changing and miraculous results in just one session, without any medication or surgery. You can read about some of these life-changing stories and watch some of my actual sessions on my video blog

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“The causes for most physical and emotional pains are energetic. You are doing something you should not be doing, or you are on the wrong path.”