Normally, when a person dies, he or she separates from the physical body, hovers over the body for a few minutes, and then sees a very bright, loving white light approaching. Sometimes deceased loved ones or religious figures also come to visit and comfort the soul. The soul then feels attracted to and moves toward the light like a magnet. Once the soul enters the light, it goes through a tunnel and goes to the other side, i.e., the spirit world. The soul then continues its journey there.

Sometimes, spirits decide to stay on the earth because they believe that they will be punished for their sins if they go to the light, so they stay on earth to avoid punishment. This can often be due to strong religious beliefs. Sometimes spirits get disoriented and confused due to sudden/unexpected death. These spirits may not realize that they have died and may step away from the bright light when they see it. Some souls have very strong earthly desires or addictions, so they decide to stay on the earth to continue to experience their earthly pleasures. These addictions could be to alcohol, drugs, sex, revenge, love, material possessions, pedophilia, crime, etc. These earthbound souls often attach themselves to other human beings who have similar interests. For example, an alcoholic may die but decide to stay earthbound to continue to enjoy the feeling of being drunk vicariously through someone else. It may look for other alcoholic humans and attach itself to them. When the host gets drunk, the attached earthbound soul can also feel the buzz from alcohol. The attached entity will then influence its host to drink alcohol and get drunk, leading to the destruction of the host’s health, career, marriage, and life. Spirits may decide not to cross over and they stay on the earth plane in order to stay with their loved ones, e.g., their children, parents, et al.

Entity attachments always cause physical, emotional, psychological, relationship, and other problems for their hosts, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

In the next article, I will explain why these entities are able to attach themselves to people, and what you can do to prevent this. I will also explain how we can detect and remove these entities.

Robin Rais,