This video is the recording of a quantum healing session I did for a very young and attractive girl whose body and soul had become possessed and was being rapidly taken over by Reptilian demons. The Reptilians had also jumped from her to her boyfriend, most likely by way of physical contact, and possessed him also. She also had a host of physical, emotional, and mental problems such as injuries in her hips, shoulder, knee, and ankle. She had problems with her digestive system, water retention, weight gain, depression, and puffiness. Additionally, she had childhood traumas from her mother, grandfather, as well as negative ancestral energies.

Demonic entities were all removed both from her and her boyfriend. She received a tremendous amount of healing afterward. Her hip injury was healed in seconds during the session. All her other issues also received healing during the session. For her childhood traumas, inner-child healing, soul retrieval and re-integration was done.

As she was leaving my office, she told me, “You saved my life!” A month later she told me she was able to run again after many years, her digestive system had improved 10 times, etc.

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