This is the recording of a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session with a young man who was a very talented professional boxer. He was very good at fighting because he was a warrior in all of his past lives (except for one, in which he was a dog). He was also a high-ranking general in the Galactic Federation.

During a championship fight, he was about to win the fight when suddenly both his hands “froze”, and he couldn’t throw any punches. He lost the fight as a result. During the session, we found out that his spirit guides where the ones who froze his hands during the fight. They did this because he was not supposed to pursue boxing as a career in this lifetime.

He subsequently won a large scholarship to study and become a transcendental meditation teacher. His Higher Self explained to him how he should transition his career and what type of work he should do and how to generate income.

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