I received an urgent text from a woman asking to see me asap. Her text said that she was possessed by Reptilian demons who were taking over her soul and controlling her mind. She had very strong clairvoyant abilities and could actually “see” the reptilians in their true form. I cleared my calendar, and she came over to my office as soon as she could. During the session, she went to several happy past life occasions, but the reptilians interrupted her happy experience every time. After scanning her body, we determined that she had two Reptilian entities in her body. Additionally, there were two Reptilian eggs in her stomach area. We started by removing the two reptilians. It took a lot of helpers and time to remove these as they were very powerful and did not want to leave. During these removals, the poor client was shaking and convulsing. After removing the Reptilians, I gave the client a respite. She had gone through a lot. We then started removing the two Reptilian eggs from her stomach. This was no easy task either and the client went through the same experience.

The client also had one non-reptilian entity in her which we released. Additionally, there were reptilians in her house. The reptilians had also created a portal in her house that they used to come in and out as they pleased. We went all the way inside the portal and removed all of them and then sealed off the portal.

After removing the attachments, we had a long conversation with Archangel about the Reptilians. Michael described how they take over and possess humans, how they work with the government, and how they possess and control many famous celebrities. Archangel Michael said that about 20% of Americans currently have some sort of negative entity attachments which are influencing them, and that the number is growing rapidly.

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